All-purpose multipurpose Halogen oven REDMOND RAG-241

Magnificent rosy pastries, perfectly roasted meats grilled, tender fish, a bird with a wonderful flat crispy golden crust - and no oil! Is this possible? 
With the versatile Aerogrill REDMOND RAG-241 , you can not worry about the extra calories and cholesterol. Realized it convective heat treatment technology products allows us to achieve amazing results: circulating in the working capacity of the hot air flow literally drips of fat product (meat, fish, poultry), it is soft and juicy with the finished dish. Another advantage aerogrill REDMOND RAG-241 - its compactness. Sam aerogrill combined with transparent glass lid. Thanks to its diameter of 22.5 cm, you can use as a working tank virtually any suitable heat-resistant dish, which is in your kitchen. In addition, by REDMOND of RAG-241 is perfect for cooking in multivarka all brands of 4, 5 and 6 liters. 



The device is intended for use with any heat-resistant dishes, compatible with a lid diameter of 22.5 cm. 
Action aerogrill is based on the convection air currents from the electric heater inside the working capacity.The air is heated to a high temperature halogen heater, fan, located in the lid aerogrill, drives the hot air masses. 
The hot air circulates inside the working capacity in all directions from the top down, and then from the bottom up to the fan, thereby heating products and bringing them to the desired cooking condition. 
intensity, as the temperature of the air flow can vary depending on the selected cooking mode and reach upto 250 C ° . The thermostat is located inside the unit, it monitors the temperature of the air, for which indications of the controller turns on or off the heater. 


When lifting the carrying handle in the process aerogrill automatically disconnect the device from the mains.This safety feature is designed to protect you from scalding by hot air, and reduces the risk of damage to the furniture, if you put aerogrill lid down, for example, on a cutting table. 


Universal aerogrill  REDMOND RAG-241 successfully combines the functions of the oven, microwave, toaster, grill, convection ovens and Electro. 
Realized in this wonderful instrument convection heating technology requires virtually no use of vegetable or animal fats. In addition, the fat content of the product is reduced to a minimum - hot air literally drips of fat product, without drying it. With universal Aerogrill REDMOND RAG-241 you can effectively defrost food, fry, bake, make pastries, consuming fewer calories, fat and cholesterol. 


Using Aerogrill both lattice, you can cook several dishes at the same time. Place the product that requires most of the cooking time, the lower grille. Then, already at the time of its preparation process, place the other product on top. Thus, you can apply to the table, such as meat and vegetables, while significantly saving time and energy. 

The book "20 RECIPES" 

To get a good result suggest to use recipes for the preparation of dishes attached to the universal AerogrillREDMOND RAG-241 book "20 Recipes" , developed specifically for this model. These ingredients in recipes, their weight proportions specified by the workflow setup time and temperature or use of automatic cooking programs carefully compiled based on volume, product type, and features of the operation model aerogrill.The cookbook has tips from our chefs are sure to prove useful to you. 

Enjoy your appetite and good health! 

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