Food Grinder | Meat grinder REDMOND RMG-1229

Mincer REDMOND RMG-1229 - a powerful new universal device with Multi "2 in 1", impresses with its technical capabilities and brutal appearance. This compact device is the standard of reliability, performance and style. Test it in your kitchen!

Enjoy to the max!

Mincer 1229 has two perforated disk to prepare small and large minced meat and two nozzles for cooking sausages and home kebbe. For maximum convenience, the device has a reverse function / reverse travel screw.

1229 for better stability has rubberized feet. You will enjoy this device and its perfect work!


Mincer REDMOND. Preparation of stuffing - a trick.

Voltage220-240 V, 50 Hz 
rated Power300W
Power maximum800 W
Performance1.6 kg / min
reversethere is
Overload protectionthere is
Number of perforated discs for the preparation of minced meat2
Dimensions (d.-sh.-v.)215 x 110 x 180 mm
Net Weight (fully equipped)2.22 kg
Equipment:- Grinder (motor block) 
- The pallet grinder unit
- Block grinder
- Screw mincer
- Retaining Ring
- Perforated discs for stuffing
- Carrying handle
- Reason for packing kebbe
- Formative Head kebbe
- Reason for packing sausages
- Formative nozzle for sausages
- Manual
- Service book
Guarantee12 months

* The manufacturer has the right to make changes in the design, packaging, as well as product specifications in the improvement of its products without prior notice of such changes.

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