Food Grinder | Meat grinder REDMOND RMG-1215

Mincer REDMOND RMG-1215 - a new heavy-duty tool having a stylish brutal appearance. This unit is equipped with a practical Multi system "3 in 1", three perforated discs for making different kinds of minced meat and nozzles to create a real home of culinary delights - sausages and kebbe.

Enjoy to the max!

Mincer 1215 will cause genuine delight very useful feature reverse - the ability to switch the rotation of the screw in the opposite direction, and such pleasant details as the presence of collapsible pusher compartment for storing disks and boot tray, made of reliable and lightweight aluminum.

1215 has a very sharp knife, which cope with any meat without difficulty. You will certainly be impressed by its performance!


Mincer REDMOND. Preparation of stuffing - a trick.

Voltage220-240 V, 50 Hz 
rated Power500W
Power maximum1200 W
Performance2 kg / min
reversethere is
Overload protectionthere is
Number of perforated discs for the preparation of minced meat3
Packing size (d.-sh.-v.)259 x 150 x 213 mm
Weight (packaged)3.3 kg
Equipment:- Grinder (motor block) 
- Block with a compartment for storage of perforated discs
- Block grinder
- Screw mincer
- Retaining Ring
- Perforated discs for stuffing
- Collapsible pusher compartment to store accessories
- Reason for packing kebbe
- Formative Head kebbe
- Reason for packing sausages
- Formative nozzle for sausages
- Manual
- Service book
Guarantee2 years

* The manufacturer has the right to make changes in the design, packaging, as well as product specifications in the improvement of its products without prior notice of such changes.

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