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Smart Electric Kettle | 1.7L, R4S, Smartphone Control Android, iOS REDMOND RK-M171S

Smart Kettle SkyKettle M171S by REDMOND - a new original, stylish and functional model with an ..

MRP `6,500.00 Ex GST:  `5,078.13

Smart fan REDMOND SkyFan 5005S

Smart fan SkyFan 5005S by REDMOND - an innovative, original and extremely stylish device is an ..

MRP `19,500.00 Ex GST:  `15,234.38

Steam basket REDMOND RAM-ST5

Suitable for use in bowls of REDMOND multicookers with capacity 5 L, is not suitable for p..

MRP `800.00 Ex GST:  `625.00

Thermopot REDMOND RTP-M801

Thermo REDMOND RTP-M801 - modern, roomy and practical device that allows at any time to boil and pou..

MRP `9,800.00 Ex GST:  `7,656.25

Ultrasound Ionic Humidifier and air purifier | 3.5L, Night light REDMOND RHF-3308

Humidifier REDMOND RHF-3308 - a new universal instrument 2 in 1, which is carefully ionize..

MRP `3,600.00 Ex GST:  `2,812.50

Ultrasound Ionic Humidifier and air purifier | 3L, Night light REDMOND RHF-3307

Ultrasonic humidifier REDMOND RHF-3307 allows you to control the level of humidity and thu..

MRP `6,700.00 Ex GST:  `5,234.38

Universal silicon lid 3-6L REDMOND RAM-PLU1-E

The universal silicone cover is made of high quality, food-grade silicone and is environmentally fri..

MRP `490.00 Ex GST:  `382.81

Vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-350

Vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-350 - a new super-model in an incredibly attractive outer design..

MRP `13,900.00 Ex GST:  `10,859.38

Yogurt maker REDMOND RYM-M5401-E

The yoghurt is not only a delicious treat but also a natural sour milk product, beneficial both for ..

MRP `4,950.00 Ex GST:  `3,867.19

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