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Hand Stick Blender REDMOND RHB-2910

Blender REDMOND RHB-2910 - the very embodiment of perfection of technology, design, universality, po..

MRP `2,800.00 Ex GST:  `2,187.50

Hand Stick Blender | Beaker 800 ml REDMOND RHB-2923-E

This modern appliance functions as a blender and a mixer. Thanks to smooth speed control and turbo m..

MRP `4,200.00 Ex GST:  `3,281.25

Hand Stick Blender | Chopper 500ml, Beaker 600ml REDMOND RHB-CB2932

Blender by REDMOND RHB-CB2932 - a high-tech innovation in regal design which instantly pro..

MRP `4,500.00 Ex GST:  `3,515.63

Ionic Care Hair Dryer with Cool Shot button REDMOND RF-516

Built in hair dryer RF-516 Ionizer emits a stream of negative ions, which have an anti-sta..

MRP `3,500.00 Ex GST:  `2,734.38

Ionic Care Hair Multistyler | Cool Shot

Multistayler  REDMOND RMS-4302 will help you every day to create a new image! 2 ..

MRP `2,400.00 Ex GST:  `1,875.00

Ionic Care Hair Multistyler | Cool Shot

Multistayler REDMOND RMS-4303 allows you to create excellent styling easy and fast! 2..

MRP `3,500.00 Ex GST:  `2,734.38

Kitchen Scales REDMOND SkyScales 741S-E

The kitchen gadget is synchronized with the smartphone and allows you to easily control your diet. T..

MRP `4,200.00 Ex GST:  `3,281.25

Meat grinder REDMOND RMG-1205-E (black)

With the help of the REDMOND RMG-1205-E meat grinder, it is easy to grind meat to your des..

MRP `20,800.00 Ex GST:  `16,250.00

Meat grinder REDMOND RMG-1211-E

The meat grinder RMG-1211-E is a multifunctional device, which helps you make mince of a d..

MRP `7,800.00 Ex GST:  `6,093.75

Mixer Grinder | Travel Cup, Travel Bottle REDMOND RHB-M2900

Stationary blender REDMOND RHB-M2900 - a unique and innovative device that allows you to fully enjoy..

MRP `6,900.00 Ex GST:  `5,390.63

Multicooker Lid bowl RAM-PL-5 REDMOND (PVC) REDMOND RAM-PL-5

The cover for the cup of multicookers REDMOND help keep the finished dish. Suitable f..

MRP `190.00 Ex GST:  `148.44

Pressure Digital Smart Multicooker, 5L Non-stick by DAIKIN® (Japan) Bowl REDMOND RMC-M110E

The RMC-M110 can be both – pressure cooker and multicooker. Simply open or close the steam..

MRP `12,900.00 Ex GST:  `10,078.13

Set of silicone accessories REDMOND RAM-SS3

Set the silicone accessories REDMOND RAM-SS3 consists of a flat spoon, Universal lid and s..

MRP `1,100.00 Ex GST:  `859.38

Slow Juicer | Cold-pressing system squeezes fresh juice REDMOND RJ-910S-E

The slow juicer REDMOND RJ-910S-E is a new, functional and completely safe appliance, made..

MRP `13,200.00 Ex GST:  `10,312.50

Smart Digital Floor Scales REDMOND SkyBalance 740S

Smart scales SkyBalance 740S by REDMOND - innovative design, perfectly combining the ultra-heav..

MRP `6,700.00 Ex GST:  `5,234.38

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