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Kitchen Scale REDMOND RS-M723 <5kg accuracy 1g (grams, milliliters, pounds, ounces)

Designed in the style of hi-tech will make the balance REDMOND RS-M723 decoration of your ..

MRP `1,700.00 Ex GST:  `1,328.13

Sandwich Maker Toster REDMOND RSM-M1402 800W

Two compartments can simultaneously cook just four hot sandwiches. Take two pairs of bread..

MRP `2,700.00 Ex GST:  `2,109.38

All-purpose multipurpose Halogen oven REDMOND RAG-241

Magnificent rosy pastries, perfectly roasted meats grilled, tender fish, a bird with a wonderful fla..

MRP `4,700.00 Ex GST:  `3,983.05

Coffee Grinder REDMOND RCG-M1606

Grinder by REDMOND the RCG-M1606 - a new ultra-compact and stylish device for quick grindi..

MRP `2,400.00 Ex GST:  `1,875.00

Electric Kettle | 1.7L, Cordless REDMOND RK-M144

Electric kettle REDMOND RK-M144 - the original and ergonomic innovation in the classroom budget mode..

MRP `3,100.00 Ex GST:  `2,421.88

Electric vegetable cutter | 2 grater, 2 shredder REDMOND RKA-FP4

Electric vegetable cutter by REDMOND RKA-FP4 - first cutting edge innovation in the catego..

MRP `4,500.00 Ex GST:  `3,515.63

Electrical vertical BBQ REDMOND RBQ-0252-E

Who would not enjoy having a BBQ? Give yourself electric BBQ REDMOND RBQ-0252-E and enjoy ..

MRP `4,800.00 Ex GST:  `3,750.00

Food processor REDMOND RFP-3950

Food processor REDMOND RFP-3950 - a new compact multifunctional device in the premium desi..

MRP `10,300.00 Ex GST:  `8,046.88

Mixer Grinder | Travel Cup, Travel Bottle REDMOND RHB-M2900

Stationary blender REDMOND RHB-M2900 - a unique and innovative device that allows you to fully enjoy..

MRP `6,900.00 Ex GST:  `5,390.63

Multikitchen REDMOND RMK-M911E

Replaces a stove and a multicookerEquipped with Masterfry® patented technology:capability of lifting..

MRP `12,000.00 Ex GST:  `9,375.00

Sandwich Maker REDMOND RSM-M1404-E

3-in-1 system: to make sandwiches, waffles and grilled dishes;Non-stick coating of removable cooking..

MRP `3,900.00 Ex GST:  `3,046.88

Slow Juicer | Cold-pressing system squeezes fresh juice REDMOND RJ-910S-E

The slow juicer REDMOND RJ-910S-E is a new, functional and completely safe appliance, made..

MRP `13,200.00 Ex GST:  `10,312.50

Yogurt maker REDMOND RYM-M5401-E

The yoghurt is not only a delicious treat but also a natural sour milk product, beneficial both for ..

MRP `4,950.00 Ex GST:  `3,867.19

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